Saturday, April 16, 2011

So It Begins.

This is me.
I'm not actually bald, I just can't draw cartoon hair. In fact, I pretty much suck at drawing anything, but as I've learned from such awesome webcomics as xkcd, The Oatmeal, and Hyperbole & a Half, artistic perfection is not mandatory for a webcomic. In fact, the less-than-perfect drawings add to , rather than detract from, those comics.

Anyway, I don't claim to be on par with those webcomics. That said, I'm a writer (hence my bald bug-eyed self sitting behind a laptop in the above picture...that's pretty much my natural state, minus the baldness). I'm a storyteller. Some stories are just better told with the use of pictures or flailing gestures, and since the internet precludes me from gesturing where I can be seen, this is my outlet to tell those stories that need a little visual aid.

Some of those stories are about life as a writer. Or a military wife. Or an expat. Or a childfree, housework-hating, tattoo-loving, fashionably challenged, moderately obsessive compulsive, workaholic insomniac with an addiction to Dr Pepper and a serious infatuation with 30 Seconds to Mars. Mostly, I'll be poking fun at myself. People and animals in my life -- especially my husband and furry children -- will likely find themselves in the crosshairs of my snark as well. If you know me or are related to me, chances are you will feature at some point.

A few of my first attempts at comics have been previously posted on my personal blog, Adventures in Navy Wifing. Those will be ported over to this blog shortly, but new material will soon follow.

I will try to update once or twice a week, but this will depend largely upon how much time I have available. Comics are my means for winding down after writing or editing for a few hours, so if I'm swamped with work, the comics will have to wait. Check back often, though. After all, you don't want to miss the story about how my extended family found out I was working in porn...

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