What the hell is this, anyway?

I am not an artist. If you've read any of my comics at this point, you are well aware of this fact. I'm a writer, a blogger, and general hellion.

So what's the deal with this webcomic?  Well, I am a writer by trade, but some stories are best told with the aid of pictures. Or at least with a selection of flailing gestures, but those are usually difficult to convey via the interwebs without plastering my mug all over Youtube and other such venues. I always thought it would be fun to have my own comic, through which I could regale people with my oddball views of the human condition as well as anecdotes that make people think I'm in need of medication, but I couldn't draw. However, after seeing such comics as The Oatmeal, xkcd, and Hyperbole & A Half, I've learned that webcomics do not have to be the picture of artistic perfection. (BTW, if you haven't visited those three comics, do so at once. They are made of pure, unadulterated weapons-grade awesomesauce)  I don't have any illusions of being on their level, but I'll do the best I can.

A lot of this comic will be devoted to poking fun at myself. I am, after all, an easy target.  So sit back and enjoy.  Because of a full workload, I don't expect to update this more than once or twice a week, but do stop by often.  After all, you won't want to miss it when I tell the story about how my extended family found out I was working in porn.