My Somewhat More Serious Side

Okay, so when I'm not screwing around on Photoshop and making stick-figure webcomics, I write. And what do I write, you wonder aloud?


Specifically, erotic romance.

Yes. Erotic romance.  Dirty, sweaty, hell-yeah-don't-stop erotic romance. I write as both Lauren Gallagher and L. A. Witt, and my books often look like this:
 ...or this...
Clearly, the cover artists have more skill than I could ever dream of having when it comes to visual representations of, well, anything. This is why they make book covers and I draw silly webcomics.

If you're interested in my books, or just want to ogle the beautiful men and women who grace their covers, please wander over to my website or my professional blog.  (It's erotic romance. Do I really have to mention the "NSFW, sexually explicit, adults-only" nature of my blog and website?)

I also have a personal blog, Adventures in Navy Wifing, in which I wax neurotic about many of the same topics about which I draw comics here. Also some more serious entries, the occasional political rant, commentary on writing, and photos from the beautiful island of Okinawa, where we're currently stationed.

Also, if you're so inclined, you can follow me on Twitter as both GallagherWitt and UnhingedComic. Pretty sure you can figure out which account tweets about what.